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House Church and Mission

The Importance of Household Structures in Early Christianity

by Roger W. Gehring




Robert W. Yarbrough, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“If 75 percent of U.S. churches are declining and only 1 percent are growing by converting the “unchurched,” it is time to rethink how we do church. Gehring gives a broad and deep foundation for this reassessment. Panoramic in coverage of the literature, exegetically rich, archaeologically informed, socioscientifically alert- this fine work should bump discussion of the nature and mission of the church to a new level. By taking such careful stock of history, Gehring is in a position to shed light on practical concerns faced by pastors, church planters, missionaries, and others involved in church growth in our analogous current setting. His close attention to relevant academic debates ensures that this volume will be welcomed by New Testament specialists as well.”


Robert Banks, Macquarie Christian Studies Institute, Australia

“This is far and away the most comprehensive survey of the role of the house- and household- according to the New Testament. It demonstrates persuasively their centrality for both church and mission in early Christianity. While, at a few points, modern assumptions may affect the author’s interpretation of the evidence, these are exceptions to his fine handling of the evidence. In a final chapter he also argues for the relevance of house and household for ecclesial life and Christian outreach today.”




 Paul’s Idea Of Community Revised Edition

 by Robert Banks




Edwin A. Judge, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia

“The book draws fully upon wealth of recent scholarly analysis of the New Testament churches, but in such a skilled way that the picture is not buried in learning, but brought to life for present-day readers… People will e startled to find how much of modern church life has departed from the New Testament spirit. And yet the modern communities still possess in the New Testament, as illuminated through a book like this, the sources from which church life can be reawakened to the community consequences of accepting the Pauline gospel.”


Abraham J. Malherbe, Yale University

“It is good news that Robert Bank’s Paul’s Idea of Community is once more available, now in a thoroughly revised, expanded edition. Convinced that Paul’s distinctive contribution to Christianity is his idea of community, Banks demonstrates how this notion informs Paul’s instruction to his churches…. [I]t is striking how naturally discussions of such topics as Paul’s teaching on freedom and on eschatology fall within the purview of this stimulating book.”


S. Scott Bartchy, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

“Bank’s analysis of the early house churches in their historical context has no parallel, either in content or reader accessibility. This updated edition will stimulate both popular and scholarly reflection on the political and social as well as the community taught by Paul of Tarsus. I am very pleased that this excellent, readable, and provocative book is being made available to a new generation of readers.”




by George Barna


George Barna is a renowned pollster who has been called “the most quoted person in the Christian Church today” and is counted among its most influential leaders.



Pagan Christianity: Exploring The Roots Of Our Church Practices?

by George Barna, Frank Viola




Dr. Howard Snyder, Professor of history and theology of mission, Asbury Theological Seminary

“Most contemporary Christians are massively ignorant as to how the church got to where it is today and of how much of current church practice is due simply to accumulated tradition, with little or no roots in Scripture. This book provides a useful service in peeling back the layers of tradition, showing the origins of much that we today call “church.” Christians who want to be biblically faithful, regardless of their particular tradition or church form, can learn and benefit from the book.”


Dr. Robert Banks, New Testament scholar and theologian

“Pagan Christianity? contains a wide variety of interesting and helpful historical information of which most Christians- or non- Christians- will be completely unaware. The book identifies- in part or in whole- the pagan roots of many of our current practices, as well as indicates some borrowed from earlier Jewish or, occasionally, more recent customs.”


Dr. Graydon F. Snyder, Professor of New Testament (retired), Chicago Theological Seminary

“Anyone interested in the worship of the New Testament church and how that was altered through the centuries will find Pagan Christianity? very useful. The authors’ position is clear and quite well documented.”


Dr. Ralph W. Neighbour

“Pagan Christianity? documents specific areas where contemporary church life violates biblical principles. Whether you agree with all the conclusions the authors draw or not, you will have no argument with their documentation. It is a scholarly work with an explosive conclusion. Particularly for those of us in the modern cell- church movement, this is a valuable tool to force rethinking the meaning of the word ecclesia.”


Dave Norrington, Lecturer of religious studies at Blackpool and the Fylde College

“This is an important book that demonstrates that many of the practical aspects of contemporary church life, ministry, and structure have little or no biblical basis and are, in fact, inspired by a wide variety of non- Christian patterns and ideas, most of which are inimical to Christian life and growth. Many readers will find this book challenging in the extreme, but all who are concerned with the future of the church should read it.”



Reimaging Church

Pursuing the Dream of Organic Christianity

by Frank Viola


Finding Organic Church

A Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Sustaining Authentic Christian Communities

by Frank Viola



Houses That Change The World

The Return Of The House Churches

by Wolfgang Simson




Daniel A. Brown, Senior Pastor, The Coastlands Aptos Foursquare Church, USA

“I just kept finding myself saying: That’s what I believe!"


Prof. Kenneth B. Mulholland, Dean, Columbia Bible Seminary

“A far more significant book than I expected. It challenges many sacred cows, demonstrated remarkable biblical, theological and strategic insight. The whole church needs to hear what Wolfgang Simson has to say in this seminal work.”


Dr. Robert Banks, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, USA

“Enjoyed this book heartily. Forthright and passionate, but does not put down those coming from a different position. The analysis of the difference between cell church and house church is the best that I have read.”


James Montgomery, Founder and President, DAWN Ministries, Colorado Springs, USA

“Hits on a very significant topic sure to be a vital element in the explosion of the church around the world. Tremendous amount of great material. The vision and scholarship of this book are surely the wave of the future. This book is on the cutting edge of things to come. There is no question that if we are going to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord with millions of new congregations we will have to return to the New Testament model presented here.”





Other books you may find helpful


The Global House Church Movement

by Rad Zdero Ph.D.




Wolfgang Simson

“This is an excellent, both scholarly and pastoral introduction into the fascinating phenomenon of the housechurch movement.”


Dr. Jim Montgomery

Founder and President, DAWN Ministries USA

“Rad Zdero’s book provides a brilliant understanding of all the basics of that early church that was so dynamic in changing the world of its day. It is well thought out, articulate, and at the heart of what God is doing through his church around the world today.”



The Church Comes Home

by Robert & Julia Banks



Howard Snyder, Professor of the History and Theology of Mission, Asbury Theological Seminary

“The Church Comes Home is prophetic in its biblical groundedness and its common sense. It gives an imaginative window into the life of the church as it can be and as it often has been when at its best. Out of their rich practical experience, Rob and Julia Banks share a vision of church life that is keenly needed today.”



Starting a House Church

A New Model for Living Out Your Faith

Larry Kreider & Floyd McClung



Wolfgang Simson

“Here is an almost forgotten vision and model of church that was actually the very first and original form of the Church to have entered the West. Floyd and Larry, both healthy apostolic father figures in our time, express here what millions are hearing the Spirit say to the churches. Give a few dozens of copies away to your friends and help spread an immense spark of hope!”



House Church Networks A church for a new generation

A new church model is emerging to effectively reach this generation with the gospel

by Larry Kreider Foreword By C. Peter Wagner



Jim Orred, YWAM, Hawaii

“Many will thank Larry for having the courage to declare a new thing before it is widely understood. He makes church practical and do-able.”


Mike Bickle, Int’l House of Prayer of Kansas City

“Larry’s book clearly opens our eyes to see how house churches are needed to model a new kind of church for the next generation.”


Wolfgang Simson

“This book will help you break into new and exciting territory.”



Organic Church

by Neil Cole



John C. Maxell, founder, INJOY

“This book is profound, practical, and a pleasure to read. It stretches our thinking and brings us to a place where we can see the Kingdom of God spread across the world in our generation, This book has come at the right time."



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